Our crops, our cows, and our raw milk result in wholesome delicious products.

Welcome. Willow Marsh Farm is a 5th generation diversified family farm raising beef, veal, Mangalitsa pork, and dairy cows. We make a variety of flavored Greek and drinkable yogurts, dips, cheeses, and cheese curds. We sell raw milk and carry fresh local produce seasonally, local and on-site honey, maple syrup and candies, and other local small business treasures. Curious to find out more? Browse through our website or shop our store in person.

We know some of you are looking to educate yourself about raw milk. The internet offers a lot of misinformation. This website provides science-based research. www.rawmilkinstitute.org/about-raw-milk

Store Hours:

Monday & Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday 9-7

Thursday & Friday 12-6

Saturday 10-5

Sunday 10-5