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Our crops, our cows, and our raw milk result in wholesome delicious products.

Welcome. Willow Marsh Farm is a 5th generation diversified family farm raising beef, veal, Mangalitsa pork, and dairy cows. We make a variety of flavored Greek yogurt, cheeses, and cheese curds. We sell raw milk and Battenkill Valley Dairy heavy cream, chocolate milk, and ice creams. We also carry fresh local produce seasonally, local and on-site honey, maple syrup, sugar, and candies, and other local small business treasures like jewelry. Curious to find out more? Browse through our website or shop our store in person.

We know some of you are looking to educate yourself about raw milk. The internet offers a lot of misinformation. This website provides science-based research.

We've created an online shop with logo merchandise. Click on the green Shop button and it will take you there!

Store Hours:

Monday & Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday 9-7

Thursday & Friday 12-6

Saturday 10-5

Sunday 10-5

Ordering Raw Milk

We highly recommend ordering your raw milk around the holidays, during college and school breaks, and any time you want more than four containers. As families gather to celebrate, students return from college, etc., there is a greater possibility we will sell out. Pre-paying guarantees you will get the amount of raw milk you want on the day you want it. To order raw milk call our store at 518-288-3347 and place your order with one of our staff, pay with a credit card, provide your name, phone, and date you will pick it up! You must speak with someone to order milk. Buying raw milk without ordering is limited to four containers in the farm store. If you'd like more than 4 containers you must pre-pay for them and order by phone. No exceptions. Thank you!ited to 4

Who We Are

A Diversified Farm in Ballston Spa, NY

Not only do we raise beef, veal, Mangalitza pork, and dairy cows, we have a permit to sell raw milk, and make a variety of flavored Greek yogurt, cheeses, and cheese curds using our milk. We carry some fresh local produce seasonally, as well as cornstalks, pumpkins, and hay bales. Our farm store highlights local home producers and farm products such as granola, baked goods, local honey, organic teas, pickles, spice blends, candles, soaps, tonics, greeting cards, coffees, maple syrups and candies, jewelry, and more!

The most frequently asked question we hear is, are your cows grass fed? The short answer is yes. BUT... asking this question is not going to get the answers you may be looking for. Scientifically, corn is a grass. and many of you have expressed concern over the cows eating corn covered in pesticides and other chemicals, and the corn not being GMO. Our corn is non-GMO and free of pesticides and herbicides. We cultivate; we do not spray our fields.


We raise Holstein and Jersey Dairy cows on our farm. Their feed consists of pasture grasses, hay, non-GMO corn silage, alfalfa, and a grain mixture consisting of corn and distillers grains for their minerals. We have 132 acres and grow everything except the grain mixture. We do not spray pesticides or herbicides. Everything we grow is non-GMO and free of chemicals. We cultivate our corn instead of spraying.

*Corn silage is our own non-GMO corn raised on our farm, harvested by the Curtiss family, stored here on our farm. It includes the corn from the ground up to the tassles so that the cows get what they would if they were foraging - the entire plant. Corn silage is high in energy and digestibility.

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What We Do

At Willow Marsh Farm, we believe healthy wholesome food supports a strong immune system and gives the body what it needs to build strong bones, develop muscle, and heal itself. We raise dairy cows and grow their non-GMO feed to bring our community the best raw milk we can. Weed control is done by cultivating, we do NOT spray our crops with harmful chemicals. We use our raw milk to make cheeses, cheese curds, and Greek and drinkable yogurts (we have postponed production of drinkables due to cost of production).

We raise Mangalitsa for quality pork that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fat (the healthy fat), making it perfect for curing and charcuterie, from pancetta to salami.   For more information on Mangalitsa go to Youtube and search for Mangalitsa: The Kobe Beef of Pork | Forbes. Mangalitsa can be found in our farm store.

Our farm store also carries beef and veal raised here. The beef are kept wild, roaming their three pastures to graze and our veal is raised humanely in a large outdoor, covered shed.

We have partnered with many local farms and home processors to bring you healthy food choices. We offer honey from here on the farm (by Bertha's Bees) and ten minutes away (by Ballston Lake Apiaries). Their products include raw honey, bee pollen, infused honey, and honeycomb. Our maple syrup is from Wild Hill Maple Farm in Salem, NY, the teas are organic, and the coffee is roasted right in Schenectady. We also carry goat milk soap, locally made BBQ sauces, candles, jewelry, cards, and other gifts. We can help you put together a basket of goodies for a sick friend, birthday celebration, Mother's Day, or whatever the occasion may be!

Let us know if there is a local product you'd like us to carry.

We will track it down and see if it's something we can add to our offerings.

We value our customers.

Willow Marsh Farm has two positions available!

Milker/Farm Help

We typically milk between 17-20 cows, raise about 8-12 pigs, and care for a small herd of beef cattle. We also grow our own non-GMO alfalfa, hay, and corn.
This is a great opportunity to learn about sustainable farming, support local agriculture, and help a 5th generation family farm expand.  This position requires a very dependable person, as the animals will count on you for feeding, milking, and other care including weekends and holidays. Must have the ability to work independently, learn on the job,  and be passionate about providing our community with natural healthy food choices. Experience milking and/or working with farm animals is preferred, but we will train the right candidate.
Responsibilities include:
- Milking Cows and letting them in and outside
- Cleaning milking parlor, milk room, and tank
- Feeding and bedding dairy cows, calves and pigs
- Basic maintenance and cleaning


Creamery Position is on Mondays and Thursdays 12-7pm

Responsibilities include:

-Sanitizing and filling containers with raw milk and driving them to Troy in our van

-Flavor and package our small batch Greek yogurt, cheese, and cheese curds

-Label and date all packaging

Requirements for both positions include:

Able to lift 50 lbs, follow detailed instructions  and pay attention to the details

Strong communication skills

Have a clean driving record

Be able to stand for 7 1/2 hours

Be available to work mornings, evenings, weekends & holidays as needed

Work independently

Follow all cleanliness requirements

To apply, please email with a resume and brief description of why you are interested in the position.


We hope you visit soon!

343 Hop City Road Ballston Spa, NY 12020

518 288-3347

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Transporting Greek Yogurt and Raw Milk in The Heat

Summer is here. We've had several days above 95 degrees! Keeping raw milk cold is critical to keeping it fresh. Raw milk should always be stored in the refrigerator, not left out on the table or counter. If it does get left out accidentally, it will begin to grow bacteria, thus, shortening the shelf life.


This translates to how the milk is transported. When it is warmer than 40 degrees the longer it stays in the car, the shorter its shelf life. If it is 75 degrees and the milk (pasteurized or raw) is in your warm car for over an hour, it won't last as long. Pasteurized milk will go bad in two hours in a 70-90 degree car, and will last only an hour if it's over 90 degrees in the trunk.

What do we suggest? During this time of year bring a cooler and ice packs with you when purchasing yogurt or raw milk. The further you have to travel with it, the more important this is. When raw milk is kept cold it will last 7-10 days and often longer. It really depends on how frequently it is removed from the refrigerator. Greek yogurt will last several weeks until it is opened and then about 3-4 days from first being used. It has no preservatives and active cultures.

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